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Official home of CDH Live music

Listen to the latest release. Explore instrumentals, studio  recordings, music videos and live performances all connected through 1 Creative.

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Latest Release

Passion (live version)
Music Videos, Live shows & Creative video series

Rooted in Toronto, Sharing moments behind the scenes and around the city with special guests, live performances, and conversations.


Discover artists, Music Videos, entrepreneurs and everyday creative souls in the process of growing creative ideas to encourage, uplift and nourish your creative soul...1 show at a time.

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Prints, posters & Performances of Spoken Word

Be inspired by beautiful poetry prints & Posters. Explore the poetry book "My Name Is Poetry and come back for live performances & videos of Spoken Word.

Download the Original poetry book .

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Poetry Book

My Name Is Poetry
Creative Conversations about creative life.

Sharing thoughts with professional creatives and exploring the many sides of life as an artist, from local to global. 

To nourish the creative soul, 1 show at a time. 
To give insight to the creative life while showcasing inspiring creative people and their work to new audiences. 

Creative Life • Music • Poetry • 
The Creative Process 
Passion vs. Profit
Nature vs. Nurture

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